Warm Dark Matter Sterile Neutrinos in Electron Capture and Beta Decay Spectra

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We briefly review the motivation to search for sterile neutrinos in the keV mass scale, as dark matter candidates, and the prospects to find them in beta decay or electron capture spectra, with a global perspective. We describe the fundamentals of the neutrino flavor-mass eigenstate mismatch that opens the possibility of detecting sterile neutrinos in such ordinary nuclear processes. Results are shown and discussed for the effect of heavy neutrino emission in electron capture in Holmium 163 and in two isotopes of Lead, 202 and 205, as well as in the beta decay of Tritium. We study the deexcitation spectrum in the considered cases of electron capture and the charged lepton spectrum in the case of Tritium beta decay. For each of these cases, we define ratios of integrated transition rates over different regions of the spectrum under study and give new results that may guide and facilitate the analysis of possible future measurements, paying particular attention to forbidden transitions in Lead isotopes.
© 2016, O. Moreno, et al. E. Moya de Guerra and O. Moreno acknowledge MINECO for partial financial support (FIS2014-51971-P) and IEMCSIC for hospitality. O. Moreno acknowledges support from a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship within the European Union Seventh Framework Programme, under Grant Agreement PIOF-GA-2011-298364 (ELECTROWEAK). M. R. M. thanks N. G. Sánchez for correspondence and conversations.