Spectral weight function for the half-filled Hubbard-model: a singular-value decomposition approach

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The singular value decomposition technique is used to reconstruct the electronic spectral weight function for a half-filled Hubbard model with on-site repulsion U = 4t from quantum Monte Carlo data. A two-band structure for the single-particle excitation spectrum is found to persist as the lattice size exceeds the spin-spin correlation length. The observed bands are flat in the vicinity of the (0, π), (π, 0) points in the Brillouin zone, in accordance with experimental data for high-temperature superconducting compounds.
© American Physical Society. We thank J. Jefferson, A. Bratkovsky, D. Edwards, D. Sivia, and P. Kornilovitch for stimulating discussions. This work was supported by SERC Grant NO. GR/JI8675 and our general development of SVD techniques by the U.S. Army Research ONce, Agreement No. DAAL03-92- G-0142.
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