Cathodoluminescence from beta-Ga_2O_3 nanowires

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ß-Ga_2O_3 nano- and microwires with diameters ranging from tens of nanometers to about one micron and lengths of up to tens of microns, have been obtained by sintering Ga_2O_3 powder under argon flow. The structures have been investigated by cathodoluminescence in the scanning electron microscope. The samples showed the violet-blue emission characteristic of Ga_2O_3 and a red emission at 1.73 eV dominant in the nanowires and other nano- and microstructures formed during the sintering treatment. At temperatures below 210 K, this band exhibits sharp peaks separated by 20 meV. This observation suggests the exchange of phonons in the recombination process.
© 2005 American Institute of Physics. This work was supported by the MEC project (MAT 2003-00455).
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