The four-dimensional site-diluted Ising model: A finite-size scaling study

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Ballesteros, H. G.
Parisi, G.
Ruiz Lorenzo, J. J.
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Using finite-size scaling techniques, we study the critical properties of the site-diluted Ising model in four dimensions. We carry out a high-statistics Monte Carlo simulation for several values of the dilution. The results support the perturbative scenario: there is only the Ising fixed point with large logarithmic scaling corrections. We obtain, using the Perturbative Renormalization Group, functional forms for the scaling of several observables that are in agreement with the numerical data.
© 1998 Elsevier Science B.V. We thank the CICyT (contracts AEN93-0604, AEN96-1634) for partial financial support, especially for the use of dedicated Pentium Pro machines on which we have carried out the simulations. JJRL is granted by EC HMC (ERBFMBICT950429). We also acknowledge to E. Luijten for pointing out the right scaling of the Binder cumulant in the pure case.
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