Literatura y pensamiento en Francia. Un ejemplo : el panfleto

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First of all, with this dissertation we have set as principal goal to define and to characterize the pamphlet in a French-speaking context. To do this, we will try to delimit this type of text and to demonstrate that in many occasions this term is used for classifying documents whose principal characteristic is the polemic. In the approach to this dissertation, we have mainly found two problems: on the one hand to define what a pamphlet is and to demarcate it from other similar texts both from the point of view of the content as well as the form; and on the other hand, to try to discern if the pamphlet can be included under the title of Literature and if it constitutes a literary genre for itself. To do so, we will structure our investigation in several chapters gathered in two clearly delimited parts. At the end of each of them, we will draw some brief conclusions. The first part will be focused on the study of theoretical notions. We will approach this reflection from different perspectives: etymological, comparative, literary and generic. To do this, we will approach the theories of those schools or of those authors who are more convenient to our purpose, so both our matter of study and the areas where we want to study it, raise many problems of interpretation and classification. Our aim is not to do a study on the Literature concepts or on the Literary Genre, so we will simplify those theories that are related to its main characteristics...
Tesis inédita de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Filología, Departamento de Filología Francesa, leída el 22-01-2016