On a nonlinear parabolic problem arising in some models related to turbulent flows

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De Thelin, Francois
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Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
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This paper studies the Cauchy-Dirichlet problem associated with the equation b(u)t - div (\del u - K (b(u)) e\p-2 (del u - K (b(u))e)) + g (x, u) = f (t, x). This problem arises in the study of some turbulent regimes: flows of incompressible turbulent fluids through porous media and gases flowing in pipes of uniform cross sectional areas. The paper focuses on the class of bounded weak solutions, and shows (under suitable assumptions) their stabilization, as t --> infinity, to the set of bounded weak solutions of the associated stationary problem. The existence and comparison properties (implying uniqueness) of such solutions are also investigated.
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