Electron wave function at a vicinal surface: switch from terrace to step modulation

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The Cu(111) surface state has been mapped for vicinal surfaces with variable step densities by angle-resolved photoemission. Using tunable synchrotron radiation to vary the Ic dependence perpendicular to the surface, as well as the k(\\) dependence, we find a switch between two qualitatively different regimes at a miscut of 7 degrees (17 Angstrom terrace width). For larger miscut angles the step modulation of the wave function dominates, and for smaller miscut angles the terrace modulation dominates. These observations resolve an apparent inconsistency between prior photoemission and STM results.
© 2000 The American Physical Society. J. E. O. and A. Mu. are supported by the Universidad del País Vasco (UPV057.240-EA197/97 and 026/98)and the Max Planck Research Award Program. E. G. M. and A. Ma. are funded by the Spanish DGES (PB-970031) and the Comunidad de Madrid (07N/0031/1998). Experiments were performed at Hasylab within the TMR Contract ERBFMGECTP950059 and at the SRC, which is supported by the NSF under Award No. DMR-9531009. F. J. H. is funded by NSF DMR-9815416. Helpful discussions with P. M. Echenique, F. J. García de Abajo, and E. V. Chulkov are acknowledged
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