Gender differences in library use: the case of Eritrea Institute of Technology Library

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Facultad de Ciencias de la Documentación (UCM). Departamento de Biblioteconomía y Documentación
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Libraries being part of the education system equipped with various information resources, should address the need a varied user population which include males and females with a purpose of acquiring information. Although, information resources usage and information seeking are a basic activity of any human being which is determined by a particular way of behavior; gender has been identified as one of the variables shaping the behavior of individuals towards the use of information resource and ways of seeking information as well. This study examines the interaction of students with the library and its resources by gender, taking the case study of Eritrea Institute of Technology Library (EIT Library). It comparatively measures how both male and female students utilize the available information resources of the library. The structured questionnaire method was used for data collection. The study aimed to determine the association between gender and library resources usage and the library use itself as a place. The study also examined the correlation among socio demographic variables and gender. Additionally, satisfaction with technology by gender was also examined. The results showed that there is no significant difference amongst the male and female users in the use of library, library resources usage, and activities that the students do during their presence in the library. However, there is a significant association among gender and the purpose why the students visit the library. The result of the study shows that females visit the library for conducting research more than men counterparts and more than expected.
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