Electrodeposited magnetic nanowires with radial modulation of composition

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In the last few years, magnetic nanowires have gained attention due to their potential implementation as building blocks in spintronics applications and, in particular, in domain-wall- based devices. In these devices, the control of the magnetic properties is a must. Cylindrical magnetic nanowires can be synthesized rather easily by electrodeposition and the control of their magnetic properties can be achieved by modulating the composition of the nanowire along the axial direction. In this work, we report the possibility of introducing changes in the composition along the radial direction, increasing the degrees of freedom to harness the magnetization. In particular, we report the synthesis, using template-assisted deposition, of FeNi (or Co) magnetic nanowires, coated with a Au/Co (Au/FeNi) bilayer. The diameter of the nanowire as well as the thickness of both layers can be tuned at will. In addition to a detailed structural characterization, we report a preliminary study on the magnetic properties, establishing the role of each layer in the global collective behavior of the system.
©2022 MDPI This research was funded by MCINN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033 under Grants PID2020117024GB-C43, RTI2018-097895-B-C43 and PRE2019-090268, and by the Comunidad de Madrid under Grant S2018-NMT-4321. Sandra Ruiz-Gomez and Claudia Fernandez-Gonzalez gratefully acknowledge the IEEE Magnetic Society Educational Seed Funding. Sandra Ruiz-Gomez also gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.