Teaching and learning juridical sciences by means of conceptual maps. A trial with cmaptools

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In the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), teachers can organize the resources and material of their courses depending on their own teaching methodology. This is also possible thanks to the neutral character of UCM virtual campus. Related to this, UCM virtual campus responsibles have explored and investigated new tools and means of learning that could be applied to law teaching, especially commercial and civil law. By using them, pupils would be allowed to transform the new information in internal knowledge in a more efficient and easy way. One of these tools is cmaptool, by means of which conceptual maps, can be created. These conceptual maps are a valuable graphic representation for both law teaching and learning, while they allow pupils to share and organize this new knowledge . Specifically, two different conceptual maps models have been designed: Model 1. Organization of the subject of Commercial law in the Degree of Law. Author: Mª de la Sierra Flores Doña. Model 2. Organization for the learning of the conciliation and mediation. Author: Marta Blanco Carrasco.
De la versión en Cd-Rom: ISBN 978-84-613-5538-9 (proceedings); ISBN 978-84-613-5536-5 (abstracts)