Lattice gases in slab geometries

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Non-mean-field-type excess correlations at short times are present in three-dimensional (3D) computer simulations of the velocity autocorrelation function, but absent in 1D, 2D, and 4D. They are caused by ring collisions in a quasi-3D slab of size 2 x L x L x L in a face-centered-hypercubic lattice with periodic boundary conditions, which is the only available lattice-gas cellular automaton with 3D isotropic fluid flow. We evaluate this excess correlation. The simulation data agree very well with our exact result.
©1991 The American Physical Society. It is a pleasure to thank J. W. Dufty, D. Frenkel, and M. van der Hoef for many stimulating and clarifying discussions, and in particular D.F. and M.v. d.H. for providing us with some unpublished simulation data. R.B. acknowledges support from a DGICYT Project No. PB88-0140 and M.H. E. from a NATO Collaborative Research Grant.
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