Making observations with GTC/MEGARA easier: the MEGARA observing preparation software suite

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MEGARA (Multi-Espectrografo en GTC de Alta Resolucion para Astronomia) is an optical Integral-Field Unit (IFU) and Multi-Object Spectrograph (MOS) designed for the GTC 10.4 m telescope in La Palma. Its relatively complex layout makes necessary a set of tools to facilitate the observation preparation to the user. The MEGARA Observing Preparation Software Suite (MOPSS) consists on three software components designed to assist observers to optimally plan their observations with GTC/MEGARA: the Exposure Time Calculator, the Image Simulator, and the Fiber MOS Positioning tool. We describe these software tools and the status of their prototypes up to the date.
© 2013: Instituto de Astronomía, UNAM. Science with the GTC Meeting (4th. 2011. Santa Cruz La Palma, Spain). Supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) under projects AYA2009- 10368, AYA2006-12955, and AYA2009-11137, and by the Madrid Regional Government through the AstroMadrid Project (CAM S2009/ESP-1496). Funded by the Spanish MICINN under the ConsoliderIngenio 2010 Program grant CSD2006-00070: “First Science with the GTC”. S. D. H. & G.
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