On the energy deposition by electrons in air and the accurate determination of the air-fluorescence yield

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The uncertainty in the absolute value of the air-fluorescence yield still puts a severe limit on the accuracy in the primary energy of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays. The precise measurement of this parameter in laboratory is in turn conditioned by a careful evaluation of the energy deposited in the experimental collision chamber. In this work we discuss on the calculation of the energy deposition and its accuracy. Results from an upgraded Monte Carlo algorithm that we have developed are compared with those obtained using Geant4, showing excellent agreement. These updated calculations of energy deposition are used to apply some corrections to the available measurements of the absolute fluorescence yield, allowing us to obtain a reliable world average of this important parameter.
© EDP Sciences, 2013. ESSN: 2100-014X This work has been supported by the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (FPA2009-07772 and CONSOLIDER CPAN CSD2007-42) and “Comunidad de Madrid” (Ref.: 910600). International Symposium on Future Directions in Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Physics (2012. Ginebre, Suiza).
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