Formation of stellar inner discs and rings in spiral galaxies through minor mergers

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Eliche Moral, María del Carmen
González García, A. C.
Balcells, M.
Aguerri, J.A.L.
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UNAM-Instituto de Astronomía
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Recent observations show that inner disks and rings (IDs and IRs) are not preferentially found in barred galaxies, pointing to the relevance of formation mechanisms different to the traditional bar-origin scenario. Nevertheless, the role of minor mergers in the formation of these inner components (ICs), while often invoked, is still poorly understood. We have investigated the capability of minor mergers to trigger the formation of IDs and IRs in spiral galaxies through collisionless N-body simulations. Our models prove that minor mergers are an efficient mechanism to form rotationally-supported stellar ICs in spirals, neither requiring strong dissipation nor noticeable bars, and suggest that their role in the formation of ICs must have been much more complex than just bar triggering.
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