Ciudadanía social, globalización y Estado del Bienestar

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Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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The aim of these research is to show the articulation between three social process of our political present time 1. The sense of globalization : as a group of tendencies and facts that unified technology (namely Internet ) , transnational trade relationships and the construction of a social subject which overcome the industrial pattern of national models to arrive till a dislocated scenario in both political and cultural areas. 2. The senses of welfare: starting in the realms of the so called "welfare state", the situations analyzed represent the broken points of that model. The thesis explores the reasons of the confrontation between neoliberal and socialdemocrat points of view, their gaps and their argumentative approaches. 3. The construction of a "social citizenship": that means the new essays to reach the political status of the social subject , as a citizen capable of share other links fare away from the individualistic a neoliberal diktats The empirical basis of that investigation begins with several researches in which I have analyzed the mutations of the actual working class confronted to the technological change, mainly in Mexico DF and its area of influence
Tesis inédita de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Filosofía, leída el 27-06-2013