Determinants of Internal Versus of External R&D Offshoring: Evidence from Spanish Firms

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This paper analyzes the determinants of R&D offshoring of Spanish firms using infor-mation from the Panel of Technological Innovation. We find that being an exporter, continuous R&D engagement, applying for patents, being a subsidiary, and firm size are factors that positively affect the decision to offshore R&D. In addition, we obtain that the factors that influence this decision for firms that belong to a business group differ depending on whether the firm purchases R&D services within the group or through the market.
Este trabajo analiza los determinantes del offshoring de I+D de las empresas españolas utilizando información del Panel de Innovación Tecnológica. Los resultados indican que ser exportador, realizar I+D de forma continua, solicitar patentes, ser una filial y el tamaño de la empresas afectan positivamente a la decisión de realizar offshoring de I+D. Además, se obtiene que los factores que influyen en esta decisión para las empresas que pertenecen a grupos empresariales difieren dependiendo de si la empresa compra los servicios de I+D dentro del grupo o a través del mercado.
The authors are particularly grateful to María García-Vega, Adelheid Holl, Alberto López, Maria Luisa Mancusi, Bettina Peters and Iulia Siedschlag for useful comments. We also thank the seminar audience at the ENEF 2013 Meeting (Madrid). This research has been partially funded by the CICYT project ECO2010-19847.
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