Bulk viscosity and energy-momentum correlations in high energy hadron collisions

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We show how the measurement of appropriately constructed particle-energy/momentum correlations allows access to the bulk viscosity of strongly interacting hadron matter in heavy-ion collisions. This measurement can be performed by the LHC and RHIC experiments in events with high-particle multiplicity, following up on existing estimates of the shear viscosity based on elliptic flow.
© Springer-Verlag / Società Italiana di Fisica 2012. We thank P. Ladrón de Guevara for his feedback on the experimental feasibility of the measurement by the ALICE collaboration.Work supported by grants FPA 2008-00592, FIS2008-01323 plus 227431, Hadron-Physics2 (EU) and PR34-1856-BSCH, UCM-BSCH GR58/08, 910309, PR34/07-15875. JMT is a recipient of an FPU scholarship 00035278101
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