Cubic neutrons

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Moreno Navarro, Gaspar
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The neutron is largely spherical and incompressible in atomic nuclei. These two properties are however challenged in the extreme pressure environment of a neutron star. Our variational computation within the Cornell model of Coulomb gauge QCD shows that the neutron (and also the Delta(3/2) baryon) can adopt cubic symmetry at an energy cost of about 150 MeV. Balancing this with the free energy gained by tighter neutron packing, we expose the possible softening of the equation of state of neutron matter.
© World Scientific Publishing Company. F.J.L.E. thanks a Caja Madrid fellowship for advanced study and the hospitality of the theory group at TU-Munich and the Exzellenzcluster Origin and Structure of the Universe. This work has been supported by grants 227431 HadronPhysics2 (EU), Consolider-CSD2007-00042, AIC10-D 000582, FPA2008-00592, FIS2008-01323, and UCM-BSCH GR58/08 910309 (Spain).
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