Generation of Surface Plasmons at Waveguide Surfaces in the Mid-Infrared Region

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A technique is proposed to extend the application of surface-plasmon-based spectroscopy into the mid-infrared spectral regime, which is of substantial interest in the field of chemical analysis and biosensing. Surface plasmons can be excited for wavelengths of the order of 6 μm at corrugated waveguides for a given combination of materials and thicknesses, and for refractive indices of the surrounding medium corresponding to those of organic solvents. This approach can easily be extrapolated to other values of any of these parameters. Based on these considerations, a new generation of mid-IR SPR sensors can be developed with a diverse range of potential applications in chem/bio sensing.
©2012 Springer Science+Business Media. This work has been partially supported with Spanish Research Ministry Project SPRINT, ref. CTQ2009-10550, by Community of Madrid project FACTOTEM II (reference S2009/ESP-1781) and by the European Social Fund and the European Fund for Regional Development.
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