Spectrophotometric study in the near-ir of a sample of MIPS selected galaxies at Z~2

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Universidad Nacional Autónoma Mexico, Instituto Astronomía
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Our main objective is to determine what kind of galaxies dominate the cosmic SFR density at z~2. Our sample consists of 24 galaxies in Chandra Deep Field South, a unique field for the study of galaxy evolution (12 observed with GNIRS/GEMINI and 12 with ISAAC/VLT). We use H alpha together with the already merged X-ray, ultraviolet, optical, near and mid-infrared imaging data to obtain estimations of SFRs, metallicities, stellar and dynamical masses, AGN activity, and extinction properties. We have obtained 15 Hα detections, 4 rotation curves, and SFR relationship for 7 galaxies. The metallicities obtained for 8 galaxies of the sample are compatible with the metallicities of local galaxies.
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