Holonomy from wrapped branes

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Compactifications of M-theory on manifolds with reduced holonomy arise as the local eleven-dimensional description of D6-branes wrapped on supersymmetric cycles in manifolds of lower dimension with a different holonomy group. Whenever the isometry group SU(2) is present, eight-dimensional gauged supergravity is a natural arena for such investigations. In this paper we use this approach and review the eleven dimensional description of D6-branes wrapped on coassociative 4-cycles, on deformed 3-cycles inside Calabi–Yau threefolds and on K¨ahler 4-cycles.
© 2003 IOP Publishing Ltd. European Workshop on the Quantum Structure of Spacetime (2002, Leuven-Belgium). The authors acknowledge the financial support provided by the European Community’s Human Potential Programme under contract HPRN-CT-2000-00131 Quantum Spacetime. R.H. also acknowledges the Swiss Office for Education and Science and the Swiss National Science Foundation, and the organizers of the Leuven workshop for a stimulating atmosphere. K.S. acknowledges the financial support provided through the European Community’s Human Potential Programme under contract HPRN-CT-2000-00122 Superstring Theory, by the Greek State Scholarships Foundation under the contract IKYDA- 2001/22, as well as NATO support by a Collaborative Linkage Grant under the contract PST.CLG.978785.
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