The Higgs sector of the MSSM in the decoupling limit

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We study the heavy Higgs sector of the MSSM composed of the H+/-, H-0 and A(0) particles in the so-called decoupling limit where m(A0) >> m(z) By integrating out these heavy Higgs particles to one-loop, we compute the effective action for the electroweak gauge bosons and find out that, in the decoupling limit, ail the heavy Higgs effects can be absorbed into redefinitions of the Standard model electroweak parameters. This demonstrates explicitely that the decoupling theorem works for the heavy heavy Higgs particles. This is also compared with the paradigmatic and different case of the Standard Model heavy Higgs particle. Finally, this work together with our two previous works, complete the demonstration that all the non-standard particles in the MSSM namely, squarks, sleptons, charginos, neutralinos and the heavy Higgs particles, decouple to one-loop from the low energy electroweak gauge boson physics.
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