Meson structure in a relativistic many-body approach

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Results from an extensive relativistic many-body analysis utilizing a realistic effective QCD Hamiltonian are presented for the meson spectrum. A comparative numerical study of the BCS, Tamm-Dancoff (TDA), and RPA treatments provides new, significant insight into the condensate structure of the vacuum, the chiral symmetry governance of the pion, and the meson spin, orbital, and flavor mass splitting contributions. In contrast to a previous glueball application, substantial quantitative differences are computed between TDA and RPA for the light quark sector with the pion emerging as a Goldstone boson only in the RPA.
© 2000 The American Physical Society. The authors recognize useful discussions with J. E. Ribeiro, P. Bicudo, A. P. Szczepaniak, and the NCSU theory group. F. L.-E. acknowledges a SURA-Jefferson Lab fellowship. This work is partially supported by Grants No. DOE DE-FG02-97ER41048 and No. NSF INT-9807009.
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