The equivalence theorem and the production of gravitinos after inflation

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We study the high-energy equivalence between helicity ±1/2 gravitinos and Goldstinos in order to calculate the production of gravitinos in time-dependent scalar and gravitational backgrounds. We derive this equivalence for equations of motion, paying attention to some subtleties, mainly due to external sources, that are not present in the standard proofs. We also propose the Landau gauge as a simplifying alternative to the usual gauge choices, both for practical calculations and in the equivalence theorem proof.
© 2000 The American Physical Society. A.L.M. wishes to acknowledge very useful discussions with A. Linde, R. Kallosh and A. Mazumdar. J.R.P. thanks the CERN Theory Division, where part of this work was carried out, for their hospitality. This work has been partially supported by the Spanish Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia under project CICYT AEN97-1693. A.L.M. also acknowledges the Spanish Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia for financial support.
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