Is the antiferromagnetic RP^(2) model in four dimensions trivial?

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Ballesteros, H. G.
Carmona, J. M.
Tarancón, A.
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Amer Physical Soc
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We study the antiferromagnetic RP^(2) model in four dimensions. We find a second order transition with two order parameters, one ferromagnetic and the other antiferromagnetic. The antiferromagnetic sector has mean- field critical exponents and a renormalized coupling which goes to zero in the continuum limit. The exponents of the ferromagnetic channel are not the mean-field ones, but the difference can be interpreted as logarithmic corrections. We perform a detailed analysis of these corrections and conclude the triviality of the continuum limit of this model.
© 1997 The American Physical Society. We thank J. L. Alonso and J. J. Ruiz-Lorenzo for many enlightening discussions. This work was partially supported by CICyT AEN93-0604, AEN94-0218, and AEN95-1284-E.
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