Magnetized Activated Carbon Synthesized from Pomegranate Husk for Persulfate Activation and Degradation of 4-Chlorophenol from Wastewater

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The compound 4-chlorophenol (4-CP) is known to be a highly toxic compound having harmful effects on human health and the environment. To date, the removal of 4-CP by advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) has attracted tremendous attentions. The persulfate-based AOPs show higher oxidation, better selectivity, wider pH range, and no secondary pollution compared to the traditional Fenton-based AOPs. Carbon materials with low cost and chemical stability are useful for the activation of persulfate (PS) to produce reactive species. Herein, we magnetized activated carbon synthesized from pomegranate husk (MPHAC). By using 4-CP as a model organic pollutant, tests of the activation of PS via MPHAC for the removal of 4-CP were performed. Batch processes were carried out to study the influence of different parameters (initial solution pH, catalyst dose, PS dose, and initial 4-CP concentration) on the adsorption of 4-CP on PHAC with ferric oxide (Fe3O4-PHAC). The results show that under the obtained optimal conditions (MPHAC dose: 1250 mg/L, PS dose: 350 mg/L, solution pH 5, an initial 4-CP concentration of 100 mg/L, and a contact time of 60 min), a 4-CP removal factor of 99.5% was reached by the developed MPHAC/PS system. In addition, it was found that reusing MPHAC in five successive cycles is feasible because the catalyst in the last cycle kept exhibiting a high potential for 4-CP absorption, indicating the economically viable procedure. Therefore, this study provides a comprehensive understanding on the degradation of 4-CP by the magnetized activated carbon persulfate system.
This study was financially supported by the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (IUMS) of Iran, under Project No. 298169, with ethical code #IR.MUI.RESEARCH.REC.1398.636.
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