Management of post-surgical infection of onychocryptosis with topical application of hyaluronic acid versus antibacterial ointments

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Introduction The prevention and cure of postoperative infections has been a source of study over the years and is currently being studied. In this bibliographic review, a comparison between the different products used for the prevention and treatment of postsurgical infections has been procured, likewise, being able to determine which would be the best option for the treatment of post-surgical infections. In this bibliographic review we focus on Onychocryptosis because it is an emerging problem today. Many surgeries are performed to fix this condition, which increases the risk of infections. Material databases, including PubMed and Cochrane Library, as well as websites of international organizations, were searched up to January 2021. The search included studies and trials in humans on the use of hyaluronic acid and antibacterial ointments in various conditions or diseases. Results 18 articles were analyzed individually, which included randomized studies of Hyaluronic Acid, various antibiotics and honey, and variables used topically. 3 articles were also selected to explain onychocryptosis and postoperative infections. Conclusion Despite being able to determine which antibiotic would be the best, and whether hyaluronic acid can be used for the prevention and/or cure of post-surgical infections, this review emphasizes that there is still a need for more specific studies on its use of these variables, both in post-surgical infections in general and in post-surgical onychocryptosis infections.
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