Dynamical quantum phase transitions from random matrix theory

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We uncover a novel dynamical quantum phase transition, using random matrix theory and its associated notion of planar limit. We study it for the isotropic XY Heisenberg spin chain. For this, we probe its real-time dynamics through the Loschmidt echo. This leads to the study of a random matrix ensemble with a complex weight, whose analysis requires novel technical considerations, that we develop. We obtain three main results: 1) There is a third order phase transition at a rescaled critical time, that we determine. 2) The third order phase transitions persists away from the thermodynamic limit. 3) For times below the critical value, the difference between the thermodynamic limit and a finite chain decreases exponentially with the system size. All these results depend in a rich manner on the parity of the number of flipped spins of the quantum state conforming the fidelity.
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