Deep-level transient spectroscopy and electrical characterization of ion-implanted p-n junctions into undoped InP

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Mártil de la Plaza, Ignacio
García, S.
Martín Pacheco, Jaime Miguel
Castán, E.
Dueñas, S.
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American Institute of Physics
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Current-voltage, small-signal measurements, and deep-level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) spectra of p-n junctions made by Mg implantation into undoped InP are described. The I-V characteristics show that the dominant conduction mechanism at forward bias is recombination in the space-charge zone, whereas a thermally activated tunneling mechanism involving a trap at 0.32 eV dominates at reverse bias. Five deep levels located in the upper-half of the band gap were detected in the junctions by DLTS measurements, three of which (at 0.6, 0.45, and 0.425 eV) were found to appear due to rapid thermal annealing. The origin of the other two levels, at 0.31 and 0.285 eV, can be ascribed to implantation damage. Admittance spectroscopy measurements showed the presence of three levels at 0.44, 0.415, and 0.30 eV, all in agreement with those found by DLTS. The DLTS measurements showed that the concentration of deep levels decreased after longer annealing times, and that the concentration of deep levels due to the implantation increased after additional P or Si implantations. This explains the influence of annealing time and additional implantations on the I-V characteristics of the junctions.
© American Institute of Physics. The authors thank the Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de la Armada (CIDA) for assistance with lithography. This work has been partly supported by Project No. TIC93/175 of the Spanish CICYT.
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