Genomic and Functional Regulation of TRIB1 Contributes to Prostate Cancer Pathogenesis

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Prostate cancer is the most frequent malignancy in European men and the second worldwide. One of the major oncogenic events in this disease includes amplification of the transcription factor cMYC. Amplification of this oncogene in chromosome 8q24 occurs concomitantly with the copy number increase in a subset of neighboring genes and regulatory elements, but their contribution to disease pathogenesis is poorly understood. Here we show that TRIB1 is among the most robustly upregulated coding genes within the 8q24 amplicon in prostate cancer. Moreover, we demonstrate that TRIB1 amplification and overexpression are frequent in this tumor type. Importantly, we find that, parallel to its amplification, TRIB1 transcription is controlled by cMYC. Mouse modeling and functional analysis revealed that aberrant TRIB1 expression is causal to prostate cancer pathogenesis. In sum, we provide unprecedented evidence for the regulation and function of TRIB1 in prostate cancer.