"If you won't let us dream, then we won't let you sleep": demarcation os spaces and the rise of the spanish 15M

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The 15M is a hybrid movement which seeks to convey alternative points of view on the social structure. On the one hand with regard to urban movements, "mobilisations that intluence structural social change and transform the urban meanings" (Castells 1983; Nicholls 2011), and those which characterise counter-globalisation (Calle, 2005). On the other hand, they are hybrid across spatial dimensions, combining both physical meetings and virtual tools (Candón Mena, 2011). In this chapter, we try to explain the boundary-works (Gieryn, 1983; Lamont & Molnat, 2002) of the l5M from the beginning of the movement as a process which challenged the police force and were subsequently criminalised by some media. We focus the phenomena from a cultural approach, and consider the framing processes (Goffman, 2006) in both their mobilisations and discourses, and how this emphasised their actions.