Half-life of the 15/2(+) state of I-135: A test of E2 seniority relations

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The half-life of the 15/ 2(1)(+) state of the 3-valence-proton nucleus I-135 has been measured to be 1.74(8) ns using the EXILL-FATIMA mixed array of Ge and LaBr3 detectors. The nuclei were produced following the cold neutron-induced fission of a U-235 target at the PF1B beam line of the Institut Laue-Langevin. The extracted B(E2; 15/2(+) -> 11/2(+)) value enabled a test of seniority relations for the first time between E2 transition rates. Large-scale shell-model calculations were performed for Te-134 and I-135, and reinterpreted in a single-orbit approach. The results show that the two-body component of the E2 operator can be large whereas energy shifts due to the three-body component of the effective interaction are small.
©2017 American Physical Society. Artículo firmado por más de 10 autores. This work was supported by NuPNET and the German BMBF by Contracts No. 05P12PKNUF and No. 05P12DRNUP; the Spanish MINECO via Projects No. FPA2015-65035-P, No. CPAN (CSD 2007-00042), and No. PRI-PIMNUP-2011-1338 within the ERA-NET NuPNET call for translational joint activities; and the UK STFC by Contract No. DNC7RP01/4 and the UK National Measurement Office. The EXILL-FATIMA campaign would not have been possible without the support of several services at the ILL and the LPSC. We are grateful to the EXOGAM collaboration for the loan of the detectors, to GANIL for assistance during installation and dismantling, and to the FATIMA collaboration for the provision of LaBr<INF>3</INF>(Ce) detectors and analog electronics.
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