Miradas que migran: proyecto de sensibilización para fomentar una cultura de acogida, igualdad, diversidad e inclusión para las personas en situación de vulnerabilidad, desplazadas forzosamente, migrantes y refugiadas

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Proyecto de concienciación social en el que, aplicando la metodología ApS y en colaboración con la ONG Entreculturas, el alumnado del Grado en Diseño crea proyectos de sensibilización para la inclusión de las personas en situación de vulnerabilidad.
“Miradas que Migran” it is the name of the project in Spanish. It means: The looks that migrate. Because this Service and Learning experience is a migration from the way usually forced migrations are seen through the different media and the conclusions we all have about reality after the project has finished. It is a transversal awareness project that applies the methodology of learning and service (Service and learning) It is a tool that allows us to work together with the students of the Bachelor Degree in Design (Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in different courses and subjects, carrying out projects of awareness raising for the inclusion of diverse people in situations of vulnerability, forcibly displaced, migrants and refugees. The objective is to foster a culture of welcome, equality, diversity and inclusion of people in this situation