Coulomb gauge hybrid mason calculation

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Cotanch, Stephen R.
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We report a relativistic many-body calculation for the hybrid meson spectrum utilizing a QCD inspired Coulomb gauge Hamiltonian. Our approach is comprehensive and unifies the quark and gluon sectors. The vacuum and quasiparticle properties are generated by a BCS transformation, whereas the meson and glueball spectra are described by the TDA and RPA approximations. Using the quark and gluon gap solutions, we formulate hybrid mesons as states composed of three quasiparticles (quark, antiquark and gluon) and compute the mass spectrum variationally with trial wavefunctions. We predict the important exotic 1(-+) states to have masses above 2 GeV in rough agreement with lattice and flux tube models, implying the recently observed resonances are not hybrids.
© 2000 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved. We want to thank the conference organizers for this opportunity to present our research. This work is partially supported by grants DOE DE-FG02-97ER41048 and NSF INT 9807009. NERSC is also acknowledged for supercomputer time and F.J. Llanes Estrada is grateful for a SURA-Jefferson Lab graduate fellowship. International Light-Cone-Meeting (10. 2000. Heidelberg, Alemania)
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