First bounds on the very high energy gamma-ray emission from Arp 220

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Using the Major Atmospheric Gamma Imaging Cerenkov Telescope ( MAGIC), we have observed the nearest ultraluminous infrared galaxy, Arp 220, for about 15 hr. No significant signal was detected within the dedicated amount of observation time. The first upper limits to the very high energy gamma-ray flux of Arp 220 are herein reported and compared with theoretical expectations.
© The American Astronomical Society. We thank the IAC for the excellent working conditions at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos in La Palma. The support of the German BMBF and MPG, the Italian INFN and the Spanish CICYT is gratefully acknowledged. This work was also supported by ETH Research Grant TH 34/04 3 and the Polish MNiI Grant 1P03D01028.
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