Blogging as an Instrument for co-creation and collaborative learning in university education

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A number of university educators decided to implement an experience “pilot”: the co-creation of a blog with students in which they disseminated some topics of the subject “Spanish political system”, taken as part of a joint honors degree in law and political science from the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology of the Complutense University of Madrid. Four professors and 42 students participated in this experience. In the first phase, the students, under the supervision of the professors, collaboratively developed each of the assigned topics. To do so, the professors explained the dynamics, provided them with a series of resources, trained them in collaborative work techniques, supervised the whole process, and resolved all their doubts. In a second phase, they jointly evaluated one subject to see the possible deviations that had occurred with respect to the initial model, in order to be able to correct them in the rest. In addition, the professors conducted a student survey to measure teamwork and the impact of the blog, the results of which were shared with the participants and at specialized conferences. Thanks, this pilot program has shown that blogging is an important technological tool for the transformation and improvement of teaching and learning processes, and that it encourages the active role of students and promotes their collaborative learning, generating knowledge with and for students.
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