Typhoons in the Philippine Islands, 1901-1934

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A chronology of typhoons and storms in the Western North Pacific is presented, based on the previous work of Miguel Selga, a former director of the Manila Observatory. It includes data about 863 typhoons, storms and depressions over the western Pacific area between 1901 and 1934. The chronology provides information covering a wide area, from Guam to the Gulf of Tonkin and from the equator to Japan. The resulting typhoon series has been included in a database, which is freely accessible, and annual typhoon occurrence and trajectories are also shown. A comparison of the typhoon passage frequency over the Philippine area with a previously available chronology was made to assure the validity of Selga's observations, showing good agreement.
© Inter-Research 2005. This study was partially supported by the Risk Prediction Initiative, under Grant RPI02-2-009. The authors thank F. Koek, for providing a copy of the original Selga (1935) paper, and Chris Landsea and 2 anonymous reviewers, whose comments helped us to improve the manuscript.
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