High energy resolution inorganic scintillators read by SiPM arrays

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García Díez, Miguel
Sánchez Tembleque, Víctor
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The high energy resolution inorganic scintillators as LaBr3(Ce) have a great importance in the field of nuclear physics and medical applications since they offer great resolution in energy and time. On the other hand, SiPMs are gaining relevance in the fields mentioned above due to its advantages as compact size, invulnerability to magnetic fields, less voltage needed, etc. The goal of this work is to be able to use relatively large scintillators crystals (25,4x25,4 mm cylindrical), for that reason we can't use a single SiPM, because its size is much smaller than the size of the crystal, we use an array of 8x8 SiPMs of 3x3 mm(2) in size from Ketek (model PA3325-WB-0808). With respect to the energy results we obtained the best value using the LaBr3(Ce) (25,4x25,4 mm cylindrical) coupled to the array, providing a resolution of 3,9% (FWHM) for the 661 keV photopeak. For the timing results, we acquired measurements using Co-60 and Na-22 sources and the same LaBr3(Ce) as scintillator crystal. Obtaining coincidence resolving times (FWHM) of 385 ps for Na-22 and 337 ps for Co-60. Para habilitar la compatibilidad con lectores de pantalla, pulsa Ctrl+Alt+Z. Para obtener información acerca de las combinaciones de teclas, pulsa Ctrl+barra diagonal.
IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC)(2019. Manchester, England). This work have been supported by EU regional funds (RTC-2015-3772-1) Spanish MINECO through projects (FPA2015-65035-P, FPA2013-41267), CAM (S2013/MIT-3024 TOPUS-CM) and by EU's H2020 under MediNet a Networking Activity of ENSAR-2 (grant agreement 654002)
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