HW implementation of an execution manager for reconfigurable systems

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Resano, Javier
González, Carlos
García, José Luis
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Reconfigurable HW can be used to build a hardware multitasking system where tasks can be assigned to the reconfigurable HW at run-time according to the requirements of the running applications. Normally the execution in this kind of systems is controlled by an embedded processor. In these systems tasks are frequently represented as subtask graphs, where a subtask is the basic scheduling unit that can be assigned to a reconfigurable HW. In order to control the execution of these tasks, the processor must manage at run-time complex data structures, like graphs or linked list, which may generate significant execution-time penalties. In addition, HW/SW communications are frequently a system bottleneck. Hence, it is very interesting to find a way to reduce the run-time SW computations and the HW/SW communications. To this end we have developed a HW execution manager that controls the execution of subtask graphs over a set of reconfigurable units. This manager receives as input a subtask graph coupled to a subtask schedule, and guarantees its proper execution. In addition it includes support to reduce the execution-time overhead due to reconfigurations. With this HW support the execution of task graphs can be managed efficiently generating only very small run-time penalties.
(ERSA’07 / ISBN #: 1-60132-026-4 / CSREA), Editor: Toomas P. Plaks
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