Bioeconomy based on Scientific Research and Entrepreneurship

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The bioeconomy can be defined as an activity that provides solutions to problems arising from the imbalance between increasing world population and the availability of resources and difficulties in supplying those needs. Bioeconomy is based on best and new uses of natural resources among which are important and essential plant species in areas such as agriculture, food industry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, landscaping and architecture, design of interior and exterior gardens, bioenergy, and the conservation and restoration of soils and natural ecosystems. Once checked problems, how to propose solutions in the context of the Bioeconomy? The universities base their activity in teaching and learning and scientific research. Furthermore, human societies and the habitats they occupy are social structures in which problems occur. If scientific research provides results that may constitute solutions to problems, it is necessary to build bridges between the academic activity and problems of society, bridges to convert research results in an entrepreneurial activity that allows its application as a solution to a given problem. That bridge is entrepreneurship to develop spin-offs and start-up. Something else to consider? The entrepreneurship is a process, it is learned, tested and developed, but solves nothing if not based on an entrepreneur, so the bridge is the entrepreneur instead of entrepreneurship. Consequently we must devote the effort to form new mindsets and attitudes to modern societies. If we have the necessary tools, learn to use them to be resolute and ask governments environments and mechanisms necessary to carry out the task.
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