Citation Network Study on the Use of New Technologies in Neurorehabilitation

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Abuín-Porras, Vanesa
Martínez Pérez, Clara
Romero-Morales, Carlos
Cano-de-la-Cuerda, Roberto
Palomo-López, Patricia
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New technologies in neurorehabilitation is a wide concept that intends to find solutions for individual and collective needs through technical systems. Analysis through citation networks is used to search scientific literature related to a specific topic. On the one hand, the main countries, institutions, and authors researching this topic have been identified, as well as their evolution over time. On the other hand, the links between the authors, the countries, and the topics under research have been analyzed. The publications analysis was performed through the Web of Science database using the search terms “new technolog*,” “neurorehabilitation,” “physical therapy*,” and “occupational therapy*.” The selected interval of publication was from 1992 to December 2020. The results were analyzed using CitNetExplorer software. After a Web of Science search, a total of 454 publications and 135 citation networks were found, 1992 being the first year of publication. An exponential increase was detected from the year 2009. The largest number was detected in 2020. The main areas are rehabilitation and neurosciences and neurology. The most cited article was from Perry et al. in 2007, with a citation index of 460. The analysis of the top 20 most cited articles shows that most approach the use of robotic devices and brain–computer interface systems. In conclusion, the main theme was found to be the use of robotic devices to address neuromuscular rehabilitation goals and brain–computer interfaces and their applications in neurorehabilitation.
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