Hß photometry for uvby standard stars

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From 1984 to 1986, we made several observational campaigns at Calar Alto and La Palma Observator­ies using the uvby and ß photometric systems to monitor a selected sample of late-type variable stars. In this paper we present the ß values for 38 uvby standard stars to contribute to the uvby-ß calibration works on late-type stars. In the final discussion, the ß computed values are plotted against the Ström­gren b - y, m_1, and c_1 indices.
© 1988 American Astronomical Society. The JKT on the island of La Palma and the l.5 m Tele­scope at Calar Alto are operated, respectively, by the Royal Greenwich Observatory at the Spanish Roque de los Mucha­chos Observatory (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias), and Observatorio Astronómico Nacional at the Spanish Ca­lar Alto Observatory (Almería). We want to express our gratitude to the staffs of the observatories for their help dur­ing the observational campaigns. This work has been sup­ported by the Spanish Comisión Asesora de Investigación Cientifica y Técnica (CAICYT No. 2254/83 and No. 3455/ 83).
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