Study of exotic decay of Cs isotope close to the proton drip line

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The neutron-deficient Cs-115 was produced at ISOLDE, CERN by spallation reaction using 1.4 GeV proton on LaC2 target. The exotic decay modes were studied by using a charged particle array (DSSD and pad detectors) and a gamma-detector array (four Clovers) at the ISOLDE decay station (IDS). In this report, results on observed beta-delayed particle emission from Cs-115, a nucleus close to proton drip line, is presented. By measuring the time distribution in the delayed proton spectrum, the half-life of the ground state of Cs-115 was extracted. The obtained half-life is in agreement with previous reported value. For the first time, the p-unbound states of Xe-115, obtained by measuring beta-delayed protons from Cs-115 is reported.
Artículo firmado por 45 autores. International Nuclear Physics Conference (INPC) (27th.2019. Glasgow, Scotland). The authors would like to thank the technical members of accelerator and target development group of ISOLDE, CERN for delivering the beam and production target of ISOL facility. One of the authors, Ushasi Datta acknowledges with thanks to SERB, India for the financial support (travel) for attending and presenting the paper in the conference (INPC2019). Authors of SINP deeply acknowledge the SEND (XI th plan, DAE, India) and IENP/HENPP (XII th plan, DAE, India) project grant. This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 ENSAR2 project under grant agreement no 654002 and the Spanish research council under contract FPA2015-64969-P. The authors (P.Das and A.Bhattacharyya) acknowledge with thanks the financial support provided by the CSIR vide file number 09/489(0111)/2019EMR-I and 09/489(0115)/2019EMR-I respectively.
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