Phase-diagrams of simple fluids with extreme pair potentials

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It is shown that strongly reducing the range of the attractions of a simple fluid will transform its phase diagram from the usual type, with a fluid-fluid critical point and a fluid-fluid-solid triple point, into its fluid-solid mirror image, with a solid-solid critical point and a solid-solid-fluid triple point. This scenario could be of relevance to the phase behavior of colloidal dispersions.
© 1994 The American Physical Society. C.F.T. wishes to acknowledge the DGICYT (Spain) (PB91-0378). M.B. acknowledges the FNRS (Belgium) and also the Association Euratom-Etat Belge. H.N.W.L. gratefully acknowledges several valuable discussions with D. Frenkel. We thank D. Frenkel for sending us a copy of [12] prior to publication.
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