Phase-space tomography with a programmable Radon-Wigner display

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We show the adaptation of a multifunctional optical system consisting of two spatial light modulators for the optimal measurement of the Radon-Wigner transform of one-dimensional signals. The proposed Radon-Wigner display allows reconstructing the Wigner distribution and the phase or the mutual intensity of fully or partially coherent fields, respectively. It is also suitable for the analysis of two-dimensional rotationally symmetric or separable in Cartesian coordinates optical fields. The feasibility of the proposed scheme is experimentally demonstrated in several examples.
© 2011 Optical Society of America. The project TEC2008-04105 from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation is acknowledged. A. Cámara and J. A. Rodrigo thank the financial support from the Consejería de Educación de la Comunidad de Madrid together with the European Social Fund and Juan de la Cierva grant.
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