Affect and mathematical thinking. Role of beliefs, emotions and other affective factors.

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European Research in Mathematics Education
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One of the goals of the working group is to enhance discussion in the CERME - conferences and research between the conferences. Working Group 2 “Affect and mathematical thinking - This includes the role of beliefs, emotions, and other affective factors“ at the CERME 4 -conference was succesful in creating an atmosphere of collaboration among its16 participants. In preparation to the conference took place a call for paper and as a consequence of a reviewing process, 11 papers were accepted for presentation at the conference. The conference program scheduled 7 sessions, each 105 minutes, for work in the group. The chair of the organizing team worked out a concept for this 7 sessions. In 6 of these 7 sessions should take place a presentation of the key ideas and results of the accepted papers followed by a general discussion to the papers. Each session was extended by further activities (small group discussions to various themes, role play, analysis of data, problem solving, etc.). The last session was used for a summary of activities during the conference and highlighting important research questions for the following years.
CERME 4 : European Research in Mathematics Education IV
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