Notch signaling in astrocytes mediates their morphological response to an inflammatory challenge

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In the nervous system, Notch pathway has a prominent role in the control of neuronal morphology and in the determination of the astrocyte fate. However, the role of Notch in morphological astrocyte plasticity is unknown. Here, we have explored the role of Notch activity on the morphological reactivity of primary astrocytes in response to LPS, an inflammatory stimulus. We found that LPS induces reactive astrocyte morphology by the inhibition of Notch signaling via NFκB activation and Jagged upregulation. In contrast, IGF-1, an anti-inflammatory molecule, inhibits LPS-induced reactive astrocyte morphological phenotype by enhancing Notch signaling through the inhibition of NFκB and the activation of MAPK. Therefore, Notch signaling pathway emerges as a mediator of the regulation of astrocyte morphology by inflammatory and anti-inflammatory stimuli.