New model of relativistic slowly rotating neutron star with surface layer crust: application to giant glitches of Vela Pulsar

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Introducing a surface layer of matter on the edge of a neutron star in slow rigid rotation, we analyze, from an intrinsic point of view, the junction conditions that must be satisfied between the interior and exterior solutions of the Einstein equations. In our model the corecrust transition pressure arise as an essential parameter in the description of a configuration. As an application of this formalism, we describe giant glitches of the Vela pulsar as a result of variations in the transition pressure, finding that these small changes are compatible with the expected temperature variations of the inner crust during glitch time
©IOP Publishing Ltd. Conferencia: Spanish Relativity Meeting on Gravity as a Crossroad in Physics (ERE 2010)( 2010. Granada, España). The present work has been supported by Spanish Ministry of Science Project FIS2009-10614. The authors wish to thank F. Navarro-Lérida for valuable discussions.
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