La ejecución del laudo arbitral interno e internacional

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The goal of this thesis, since the first moment excessive or unmanageable, for the reason that without any exhaustive preten-sion, the analysis which is not very deep yet of the multiples ques-tions that in a first view can be asked, have been, along the time, increasing to the need, sometimes, of a break, with the end of not achieving a so big dimension or an unmanageable dimension. Considering these principles, they are analyzed, always keep-ing in mind the context and purpose of the topic chosen, with the need of doing a summary that has presented diverse difficulties. Perhaps they were too many difficulties in a first moment, or dif-ficulties which were not calibrated in a first moment, because of their importance. The topic of this essay, in a first view, has multiples implica-tions on different subjects, on three law subjects which have reach, dogmatically and a practically, a huge relevance nowadays. These are: procedural law, international law (private one) and a subject that has its own separate life in these days, arbitration law. Every combination makes that the abundance of characteristics should be, in some cases, so resounding to the writer. The content of this essay starts with a settlement or an ap-proach of different positions that are used nowadays, referring to the huge importance of the subject...
Tesis inédita de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Derecho, Departamento de Derecho Internacional Público y Derecho Internacional Privado, leída el 28-01-2016