Microparticle movements in optical funnels and pods

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Rodrigo Martín-Romo, José Augusto
Caravaca Aguirre, Antonio Miguel
Alieva, Tatiana Krasheninnikova
Cristóbal Pérez, Gabriel
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The Optical Society Of America
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Three-dimensional microparticle movements induced by laser beams with a funnel- and tubular pod-like structure, in the neighbourhood of the focal plane of an optical trapping setup, are experimentally studied. The funnel and pod beams constructed as coherent superpositions of helical Laguerre-Gaussian modes are synthesized by a computer generated hologram using a phase-only spatial light modulator. Particle tracking is achieved by in-line holography method which allows an accurate position measurement. It is experimentally demonstrated that the trapped particle follows different trajectories depending on the orbital angular momentum density of the beam. In particular applying the proposed pod beam the particle rotates in opposite directions during its movement in the optical trap. Possible applications of these single-beam traps for volumetric optical particle manipulation are discussed.
© 2011 Optical Society of America. The financial support of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation under projects TEC2008-04105, TEC2009-5545-E/TEC are acknowledged. J. A. Rodrigo and A. M. Caravaca-Aguirre gratefully thank a “Juan de la Cierva” grant and fellowship from “Obra Social Ibercaja (Beca Ibercaja de Investigación 2010)”, respectively. The authors appreciate valuable comments from J. R. Arias-González.
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